Naum Taneski

Software developer
code name: ekstrakt


Hi, I'm Naum, freelance software developer. I build products. If you need something done, you came to the right place.

I have almost 12 years of professional experience in software development, having worked on all types and sizes of projects: custom ERP/CRM web solutions, document/warehouse/inventory management systems (web and desktop), e-Commerce, PointOfSale applications (web/desktop/mobile), websites and web systems, mobile apps, SmartTV apps, programming of hardware devices ...

My extensive experience and knowledge are valuable resource in any project where I'm involved.

I'm interested in any idea or project you have, so please don't hesitate and ask me if I'm available.

What some of my clients said about me:

He is a very smart coder, who thinks logically and finds solutions fast. A pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend the worker, and I'll do for sure some new projects with him.

fvcauwen -


I am proficient in PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, Delphi, using MySQL, SQLite or MSAccess for databases.
I'm constantly learning, upgrading my knowledge and following the latest trends in technology, so it shouldn't take long to get into any specific framework or library you might have in mind.

I offer the following services:

  • Full stack web developement (back-end, front-end, database)
  • Desktop applications
  • Database design
  • SmartTV apps
  • Code review and debugging
  • Mobile apps


As this is my personal portfolio, listed are only projects where I was the sole developer.
Business process management

POS for bars, restaurants and shops
Recipes aggregator

POS mobile app

SouthBeach Smoke Israel
E-commerce and CMS


RTL Infini
Samsung SmartTV app
Public transport timetable


Write me a message,
I'll respond as soon as possible.

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Naum Taneski